Leather :  We are Tanners since 1973 from Karachi - Pakistan and we are producing leather best quality of Cow / Buffslo / Sheep / Goat and Split Leather for multiple purpose of uses like Footwear, Garments, Gloving, Bags, Belts... all our leather tannery productions of Chrome Tanned, Vegetable Tanned Tanned Leather under our well educated & experienced leather technical staff. We follow all standards of chemicals which free from any diseases and as per REACH and EU Standards 

Fashion Leather Garments :  We are manufacturing best quality of Leather Fashion garments in many styles made in various finished leather articles and colors (  Jackets, Coats, Vests, Pants, Biker Wears Corsets etc;  )

Leather Working Gloves :  Our Leather safety working gloves unit Manufacturing of all kinds of Leather working gloves, Split Leather Working & Safety Gloves in many styles like Drivers, Bikers, Cycling, Welding, Mechanic, Garden etc;  ;

Split Leather Welder's Clothing :  We have all kinds of  Split Leather Welders  Clothing 
( Aprons, Jackets, Sleeves, Shoe Protectors, Nails / Hammer Holders, Trousers, Gloves etc; ) in high quality with White, Red, Yellow, Golden, Brown colors. Also available in Flame Redardant Leather